About Us

POD Point is an innovative company based in the UK that specialises in all aspects of electric vehicle charging.


The team at POD Point have tens of years of experience in the automotive and aerospace sector, and have successfully built POD Point to be the UK market leader, and expanded the company into many countries across Europe.

The POD Point team consists of the UK’s leading EV charging experts, and as such regularly consults and advises for the Department for Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. We were recently acknowledged for our input into the recent government strategy document “Making the Connection: The Plug-In Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy“.

There is a lot more to EV charging than the products themselves. POD Point pioneered the concept of networked EV charging – allowing charge point usage data to be collected remotely and for commands to be sent from an online portal. Today, all charge networks in the UK are now built on this principle, and POD Point remains at the forefront, developing the next generation of electric vehicle charging.

POD Point: A one-stop shop for electric vehicle charging.