The POD Point PAYG Network

The POD Point PAYG Network is Europe’s first pay as you go electric vehicle charging network.  It allows anyone with a mobile phone to access charging points across the UK. There is no membership fee – anyone can use the charge points.

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For EV drivers:

  • EV drivers pay no yearly membership fees, instead they pay only for what they use
  • no RFID tags are needed – just a mobile phone, so drivers don’t need to pre-register and wait for a tag to arrive in the post before using a charge point
  • many charge points on the network are free to use, and we expect the more popular locations to be about £1 per hour to charge
  • a user login account where they can view their usage profile
  • call centre support line in case of any charging problems

Additionally, EV drivers can log into the POD Point website to view live availability of all charge points on the scheme.

To access a charge point on the PAYG network, please call 0207 247 4114 and ask to speak to Hannah Burton, who deals with all membership enquiries.

For charge point owners:

  • Companies & boroughs join the POD Point PAYG Network and become a Network Partner.
  • Network Partners can then choose whether or not to allow EV drivers to charge for free, or whether they would like to collect an income.
  • The POD Point Network allows charge point owners to set local prices for electricity.
  • The network supports local parking requirements, which ensures charge point owners don’t lose out on parking revenue through providing EV charging bays.

Benefits of joining:

  • The addition of the charge points to the online Live Availability map. All charge points are publicised to the membership network to maximise awareness and usage of charge points.
  • Initial configuration of charge points to implement maximum charge time, optional billing, no return time.
  • Customer support line for all EV drivers using your posts – so they call us instead of you if they have charging problems.

The POD Point Network can be used with third party charge points as well as our own range of Twin Charge posts.

To join, please call 0207 247 4114 and ask to speak to the technical sales team, specifying you would like to purchase charge points for the POD Point PAYG Network.